Frequently Asked Questions

Our policy during inclement weather is to follow the wisdom and policy of the local school districts. We feel safety should be considered first as do the schools. At our Silverdale location please refer to CK Schools closure decisions. If they are closed so is our office.

We have patients that travel great distances to be seen at our offices. Sometimes road conditions, bridge closures and inclement weather can hinder the commute. Please refer to the website to find out if there may be delays that could affect you arriving on time for your appointment.
Q. What age should I schedule an appointment?
A. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening at age 7.
Q. Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?
A. If treatment begins early, removing permanent teeth is often not necessary.
Q. How long do you wear braces?
A. Treatment time depends on each patients orthodontic problem, but the average time for treatment is approximately 2yrs.
Q. How much will braces cost?
A. It is impossible to give an exact cost for treatment until we have examined you. We will give you an estimate of cost & payment options at the examination
Q. How often will I have appointments?
A. The frequency of your appointments depends on the treatment plan. Typically your will be on a rotation of 4-5 weeks.
Q. Do braces hurt?
A. It is common that general soreness and tenderness occurs after each appointment and generally subsides 3-5 days after your appointment.
Q. Do I have to see my dentist my regular check-ups?
A. Yes. We require that the teeth be examined and cleaned prior to the start of treatment, & recommend that you continue to be seen for regular check-ups during the entire orthodontic program.
Q. Can I schedule all of my appointments after school?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule all appointments after school. We try to keep school appointments to a minimum & will make a sincere effort to meet your needs.
Q. Can I have braces as an adult?
A. Yes. We have many adults in orthodontic treatment.
Q. Do you accept insurance?
A. Yes We help you with your insurance needs. We're providers for Delta Dental & United Concordia. We accept assignment of benefits.
Q. Do you give shots?
A. No, shots are not necessary.