Your First Visit at Heinemann Orthodontics



At your first visit to our office we would like you to find out as much as possible about your teeth and about our office. We will gather some information from you and carefully listen to what you would hope to achieve with treatment. Dr. Heinemann will perform a through visual examination of your teeth and bite. We will be able to tell you if an orthodontic problem exists and a general idea as to the type of treatment necessary. The treatment can be limited, intermediate, partial or full depending on the severity of the problem and your age. You will also receive an estimated treatment time and fee. Orthodontic records: Impressions of your teeth, x-rays and photographs are diagnostic tools that help Dr. Heinemann provides a thorough diagnosis and the best possible treatment for you. Usually this step can be performed the same day of your exam.
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The Second Visit To Our Office: Consultation appointment:

The consultation appointment is vital in creating the proper foundation of understanding for treatment success. We will show you the orthodontic records and outline the diagnosis, treatment plan and cooperation necessary for a successful orthodontic program. You will be shown the appliances needed for treatment and post-treatment (retainers). We will address your concerns so that our experience together is positive and rewarding.
By shaunisem - 2016
Love coming here for my daughter's treatment. The staff is amazing and Dr. Mark Heinemann is great with kids and teenagers.